Has any of you set up a cluster server for your startup?

Ng Fang Kiang
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Has any of you set up a cluster server for your startup? What have you done? What are the best practices? Are there any good tools recommended?


Marko Rochevski
Try Kubernetes. It orchestrates your servers in a virtual cluster, manages their autoscaling, resources, usage, etc. It takes a while to learn it though, but it is widely supported. I am running my apps on a Kubernetes cluster on AWS (EKS). I also found this tool called Microtica. It is a CI/CD tool which abstracts the whole thing and it makes it easier to manage everything on your Kubernetes cluster. After a quick setup, you can trigger builds and deployments just by pushing your code to git. I also use it to monitor my app in the cluster. Definitely worth checking out.
Emily Melhuish
What is your startup? Clusters are quite intensive and expensive unless you really need it for your application. We just use good old normal servers and that has worked fine as we are scaling. IMHO Kubernetes isn't worth the effort/cost for most things unless it is for online gaming or Google where there's lots traffic and users. So really think about if you _need_ it vs. just wanting to use it.