Has any founder here ever sold a piece of their business just to take some chips off the table?

Jan-Philipp Peters
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I'm curious to understand if there is anyone here who has bootstrapped a business and eventually sold shares (maybe a few, maybe a lot) to an outside investor just to take home some cash (i.e. the money does not go into the company but straight to the founder's wallet). If so, what's your story? Were you looking to de-risk, get some cash to start the next project or simply buy something nice? If not, would you consider doing so? Why / why not?


Haven't done it but this is the plan in the long run!
Jan-Philipp Peters
@maxwellcdavis Interesting to hear! What would your reasoning be for doing so? Also, do you happen to know anyone who has sold a few shares?
@jpdavidpeters I don't know anyone how sold just a piece (excluding those that have got traditional funding). I'm interested in it as my goal is to get to a point where my day job is launching companies and having this kind of exit option sounds very interesting. I don't have a long attention span so I'd want to handover the project to someone that can take it forward long-term whilst still retaining a stake.