Hardware products on Product Hunt?

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Hi guys! Could you share some input on launching a hardware product on Producthunt? It feels like the great majority of products are apps these days. I'm not sure if we should even try? We have our photo/tech product on Kickstarter (https://bit.ly/3FdIe4l) at the moment and are considering launching it on Producthunt as well. Thanks for your help! Oliver (Founder/CTO at Foolography)


FYI link isn't working for me - takes me to a 404 🤔 I don't see why a physical product wouldn't work if it appeals to the audience here - which is mostly developers (not all of course - I'm not!). There are a load of tech products launched here - phones, tables, headsets, gadgets etc. - they all perform pretty decently. You might want to have a browse through and try and get in touch with the makers about their launches and see what you can learn to help yours.
@kingsizefixit the link is not working, but I managed to find your product "Unleashed 22" and WOW! It's super cool! Congrats for already reaching your goal on Kickstarter! ProductHunt is a platform where interesting products get upvoted. I believe your product would appeal to so many people, even though it's physical! So I don't see why shouldn't you post it here too. Good luck with your launch! 👏
@johnnyfekete Oh, seems like the link was shortened automatically. Just replaced it with a shorter link myself, now it should work. Thanks for the feedback. I think we'll just go for it!
Hey @kingsizefixit 👋 thanks for creating this discussion post. Yes, you are most welcome to launch and share your hardware products on Product Hunt. :) Please check out these hardware projects which were loved by the community 😍 https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... https://www.producthunt.com/post... For Kickstarter projects, we feature those that meet their funding goal. It gives our community some assurance that they will be able to use the product in near future. For such projects, please also make sure to mark them as 'pre-launch' while creating a post. Is this your product? If yes, please do create a new post 😊https://www.kickstarter.com/proj...
@adityavsc Thanks for the feedback. I think we'll just go for it! I'll browse the launch discussions and find as much input as I can get to get off to a good start ;)
David J. Kim
I see no reason why it wouldn't work. Even if it's not something they can get their hands on immediately if it's something cool people will upvote it.