GPA VS Work Experience

Aaron Shmidman
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I'm a second year student and I am working at a startup. employers out there id love to know what you look at more for a recent grad. GPA or work experience? Not an employer?! Id still love to hear your opinion!


For me personally work experience and skillset beats the GPA in priorities. If you have internship record, certifications or even just projects you worked on for yourself - all of these will help me assess the value of a candidate much better than their GPA score. A self-starter with passion and willingness to learn has higher chances being hired by me even with lower GPA, as apposed to a straight A grad with zero passion and an entitled attitude (just an example).
Anil Muppalla
GPA only seems to matter for your first job after school. If it's low, no biggie, get some real work experience, Like Ana mentions, internships, personal projects (product hunt is great for getting visibility to them and asking for feedback), do more this, then when you interview you are instantly relatable( keyword here) and your experience matches your interviewer's experience as well. Since you are already working at a Startup, you probably get more stuff done than most in big companies. Learn a bit of effective resume writing and you will get yourself invited to many interviews and many of them leading to job offers. The world will always need problem solvers :) good luck!