Good Habits.....

Jaskiran Kaur
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What are 10 or fewer good habits for a 23 year old that can make life better?


Prerak Trivedi
- Be kind to everyone - Support those who are kind to others - Meditate to distinguish yourself from your body and mind. - Not taking things personally - Always be curious to learn - Respect people's time - Ask specific questions (I liked this one and drill down by asking more specific questions) - Keep experimenting - Focus on constructive feedback ignore praises and critiques that don't help you improve. - Have balanced personal, social and professional life (this is what I help people with at my coaching service) - Get the best out of resources you have
Daniel Kyne
- Eliminate distractions when you set aside time to work (social media and phone especially) - Read daily (even if it's just a page or two, books not articles) - Clean up your diet (learn about macros and what food *really* is) - Sleep 7+ hours a day (I slip on this one every so often) - Prioritize learning by doing (you'll learn 3x faster and remember the lessons better) - Get better at writing emails (it's a skill you'll hold onto forever) - Practice being more honest with others (honesty doesn't have to be mean) - Exercise more often! (was doing great on this, need to get back to it) - Ask specific questions (borrowing this one from Prerak ^ as it's 100% true) - Share what you're working on before it's ready (I push myself to do this every week) 10 habits from a 23 year old founder (of - we help founders find product/market fit faster :) )
Md Akash Mahmud
i am muslim 1.prayer five times in a day
Jaskiran Kaur
@md_akash_mahmud That's great Mahmud. I have also heard prayer have heath benefits as blows flows towards head while doing prayer.
Anishia Gopi
- Practise mindfulness(meditation/journalling/walking in the nature/solo time) -Listen More -Buy a good mattress-Your back will thank you in future ! -Learn how to invest and reinvest -money, time, skills -Travel more ,if you can as its one form of learning -Happiness, peace, joy is a state of mind. -Ask more questions and also understand you don't have to give an opinion always.Its okay to say " I don't know ". -Have your eyes open to see the beauty of this world. Optimism will help you to move forward -You make mistakes, you learn ,you progress and move forward. -Ego is a bad friend so stay away from it.Stay grounded. -Don't worry you are just 23.You got this ! You are already in the right track :) Cheers,
Oscar Casandra M
Choose to be happy and serve others because that's what we are here for....
Umesh Chaudhary
We should respect our parents, teachers etc. We should be punctual and do any work on time.
Md. Ekram Hossan
Give value to the time, Be kind, Study Hard, Be Supportive, Be helpful, Pray to God, Never leave the person who trust you, Keep mind on your own business, Do not harm others, Grow ethics, Eat good food with calcium and good fat.
Doug Warner
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