Good examples of app onboarding?

Arpit Mathur.
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Hi, I am working on a mobile app that has some non-obvious features. Even though I am a big fan of design that explains itself, I think some features in my app might require some explanation. What are some examples of great onboarding experiences?


Hi ! I love Tik Tok. A few screen, and it look like it's just easy. Tinder / Bumble work well too. Fast, clean and easy.
Jessica Zhou
Hey Arpit, Was browsing some non-intuitive feature apps on App Store for onboarding examples. "CamToPlan" has a not-so-intuitive AR feature. Nice onboarding video (though shaky). There's also an article on Medium on classic onboarding examples: cheers, Jess
Arpit Mathur.
@jesszmd Thanks Jess, really like that UX planet writeup. Hadn't even heard of CamToPlan but will check it out :)
akhil mk
This could be a pretty useful resource :
Tanya Sharma
This is my most favorite resource to look at onboardings. Entertaining, informative, and well-analyzed:
Suresh Bhatt
I am working on this app, i hope you will like it and it will you get an idea as well.