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Pranav Sathiadevan
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Hi everyone I am Pranav, the product marketing manager for Our product Dost for Microsoft Teams is launching in a couple of hours, our product is powered by the most sophisticated AI models that can detect unconscious bias in communications, this took our relentless team more than 12 months to build. Our pursuit is unique, we intend to make work communications safe and inclusive for all. I humbly request all of you to be part of this effort, to join us and support us Product hunt page link:


Kesavan KK
Super thrilled to announce this launch. We assist people in creating bias-free communications wherever they work. Today, we made our Dost app available on MS teams. This is powered by the most sophisticated AI models that can detect unconscious bias in communications which took our relentless team 12+ months to build. Please check out our product and provide us with some product hunt love.
Rich Watson
congrats with the launch! i dropped an upvote & comment. if you would kindly subscribe to our upcoming page, through it we'll announce our launch day & when we launch- would appreciate the love as well
Vitali G
Great work, Pranav! Upvoted & wishing you all the best with the product itself! Cheers
Qudsia Ali
Sure @pranav_sathiadevan. I know how much effort it takes to build a project and then prepare it to launch. I am glad to support you and wish you all the best for the rest of your journey.
Angeli Zhao
Congrats with launching! I dropped an upvote and checked out your website. Looks very useful for someone who uses Teams alot. We'd also love if you could check out our product, or if you'll be willing to subscribe to our email list, that'd be great! Website: Any feedback is appreciated!