Thomas Schranz ⛄️
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I've noticed Product Hunt has added a few gamification features like the "streak" on the landing page as well as badges for the profile pages. I think they are well done because they encourage the behaviour the platform wants to see and at the same time they aren't in your way. The "core" experience of Product Hunt always had a strong game-loop thanks to the upvoting and daily ranking dynamics but it is interesting to see these core ideas still being fleshed out more and more over time. Well done! Question: have you come across other apps or platforms that do gamification really well? Where it feels like part of the thing and not just like a gimmick? Any pointers appreciated!


Vedran Rasic
Agreed! It's pretty cool. I've noticed that this works best in Communities such as Product Hunt, not necessarily apps.
Ryan Gilbert
Wordle has done a good job of adding streaks/gamification without it being too gimmicky!
Richard Poelderl
Definitely where you rank with points based on your weekly activity. If the tank is good enough, you might get an investment.
Geetanjali Shrivastava
DuoLingo! They've done a great job with gamifying the learning process. In fact the PH streaks made me think of their streaks. :-)
Paul VanZandt
When I was in college we used a software called ALEKS to do our Chemistry homework and they gamified it in a way that was super rewarding and borderline fun. Maybe I had too much fun with it because I did horribly in that class 😅
Abraham Samma
I think so too. It's really interesting. I actually felt something when I missed a day and lost a 55+ day streak.
Maciej Cupial
I started to listen to a new audiobook related to this topic: I'm super curious about the things I can make in my SaaS
Iuliia Shnai
@maciej_cupial I think the most popular and commonly used are checklists and progress bars, some interactive playful onboarding can be also the great way to engage your users .
Niki Moto
Believe me or not but casinos have been using gamification for a long time. They are using gamification in a variety of ways - from slot machines to table games. Slot machines are the most popular form of gambling in casinos and they use gamification to keep people playing until they lose all their money (check at least some of them here and you get the point).
Iuliia Shnai
@nikimoto I think casinos and games applications know. their business. I see that some of the games mechanics can be brought also inside the other products to better engage users.
Iuliia Shnai
I also like the gamification implemented here. Gathered some gamification from different tools #Reddit - Virtual currency, Avatars #TwitterHunter -Tokens # PH (Progress bars) #Linkedin (Levels) #AppSumo (Money Reward) #SaaStr (Spin the Wheel) Here is a full list with screenshots onboarding-gamification
Danila Kablukov
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