From where do you seek advice when it comes to career or personal finances

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What's the first place that pops your mind when you think of getting some advice on major career or finance decisions? Where do you get the most helpful advice from?


I don't tend to call I tend to go for a drink with them - much more interesting that way. Have the difficult conversation first and then have some fun 😀😀
@maxwellcdavis That sounds like a great idea! 😁 Just curious if you had ever tried any Anonymous professional network, and what was your experience?
@ajaaz No I haven't - didn't know they existed what are they ? 😀
@maxwellcdavis Simplest way to put it is It's like LinkedIn but anonymous, which encourages folks to ask questions on anything from is this the right compensation to should I buy this house without feeling insecure or judged. Most popular example is US-based TeamBlind
Amarnath Nagula
In my case, I have built my friends circle from people from diverse walks of life such as art, engineering, and business. My most trusted friends especially from an art background really helped me think about my career and people from business helped me to think about my personal finance :)