Founders, how did you find your co-founder?

Sai Kambampati
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- Did you use any apps or forums? - Did you choose someone you knew or just met online? Why did you make that choice? - What’s the most important thing you look for in a co-founder and how do you measure that?


Imran Razak
Never meet a co-founder online. It's the worst way to meet a co-founder. The best route would be through meeting in person, this can be work colleagues, friends or family but make sure you know them for a number of years and try doing a few projects with them before hand because that will tell you if you can work with them for long periods of time and through thick and thin. Many people fail to do this and actually don't die by competitors but because they fall out. If you don't have either of them yet, wait. Go spend some time in the industry, meeting new people at in-person events and really get to know someone. Think of it like marriage, it can either success or fail based on your personal judgment and choice. DO some due diligence and spend a lot of time with them before you make the call-- No rushing.
Pallavi Jaisinghani
The startup I used to work for is co-founded by 3 friends/ relatives. It all started with an experience Ankit had with the Vertu team when they provided him with extraordinary service and he thought of offering the same to people with a virtual assistant. He shared this idea with Santosh and then it was Vivek who joined in bringing with him the idea of an an AI-being. A voicebot powered by Artificial Intelligence. The rest as they say is history. Besides their own product, a virtual travel buddy OGenie, GenieTalk also builds custom chatbots and voicebots across industries.