Founders guide to developers

Tessa Kriesel
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Hello awesome Product Hunt folks! I've been a developer most of my career, until the last 6 or so years when I've started focusing on developer relations, community & developer marketing. I've built a content hub & community for founders, startups and organizations who are looking to target developers as their primary or secondary audience. I am working on my first guide—essentially a playbook—for learning about your developer audiences and how to begin to build and engage that audience to grow your user base and improve your product offering. There are a variety of other content on my site as well and I would love any feedback that folks may have. My target audience is founders and early stage startups, at least to start. Link to the guide: If you are really intrigued and want to provide deeper feedback on all of my content, experience, or whatever, please reach out, I'm willing to give away premium access in exchange for constructive feedback. Thanks all!


Rowe Morehouse
💥 Wow, at first glance this looks like a very intelligent and useful guide. Subscribed!