For people who have done a PH Launch, what would you do differently in hindsight?

Archisman Das
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We're planning to do a launch soon for Brew ( and would love to know your learnings from your past launch.


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I'm interested to see some responds here ))
Leandro Zubrezki
I launched Notion2Sheets yesterday so I have some thoughts still fresh: 1. Be more involved in the community, not only around products but also in discussions, topics, etc. Find a routine and stick to it. 2. Be mindful of your existing users time zones (if you have any) so you can batch the emails asking for support. The first batch is super important for the initial boost. I may be delayed it a bit and sometimes users take time to open emails... 3. Record an amazing video presentation of no more than a minute, I am not good with content so I shared a full product review of more than 20 minutes 😅. Next time will pay someone to create a really good one. 4. The GIF of the product is super important to drive attention and stand out, mine was with a white background and I think that was a mistake. The devil is in the details. I think that is what I would do differently, it was a difficult day yesterday with lot of competition, manage to get to the top 10 during the last hour from the 11th position 🎉
Bertha Kgokong
@leanzubrezki Thank you very much for sharing, I always wondered how important it was to get a professional video made. The tip about the email and timezones is a good one, I will def try to have that set up on the day of launch.