First Week of SynchroWork Launch - Mixed Feelings!🧐

Sushant Kumar
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It's the first week of SynchroWork Beta, our newest SaaS product designed specifically for creative agencies and freelancers to stay in sync with their clients in terms of project management, synchronization, invoicing, and payments. Here are the few learnings that we are having till now: 1. Getting people signup for a free stuff might also take a lot of efforts 🙄 2. People like personalization; be it email, notifications, or any invite message, including their name or interest really made people keen towards our product.❤ 3. You do not require a 100% complete product, release it with minimum viable features and keep improvising on the go with feedbacks 🚀 Stay tuned for more learnings throughout our FREE Beta Launch. In case you'd be interested to signup for the same, here's the link :


Thanks for sharing your experience so humbly :) So how long were you guys working on SynchroWork?
Sushant Kumar
@gouthamj It took around 4 months to create the MVP and now we are getting the product tested and experienced by the agencies and freelancers in the country.
Sushant Kumar
@gouthamj In case you'd like to give it a shot, signup for the free beta program at