First Time Launching on Product Hunt!

Robert Rizk
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Hey everyone, we just launched today on PH. We built a chrome extension where you can copy text from videos, images, pdf...literally anything you see on any website. This is superhelpful when you see a text you want to copy, but unfortunately, you can't. Especially if it's a video and image :) Anyway, we have a bit more than 200,000 users and we were always when is the right time to launch on product hunt, wanting to make sure it's a perfect launch. At the end we said, f*$%k it, let's do it! 🔥🚀 Hopefully the PH community will love it and BLACKBOX will be #1 Product of the Day!


Elena Cirera
I wish you a successful launch!
Ricardo Moreira
I discovered today your product on TikTok. Really good. It's a game-changer for the educational methods in my opinion If you next steps line up? Focus on marketing or something else?
Robert Rizk
@mugas11 Oh WOW! that's awesome. Yeah we have exciting new release coming up such as the desktop app on mac and windows + other features such as saving the text copied etc... It would be awesome to get your feedback and give you pre-release access on Monday if you're free. Shoot me an email on and we'll jump on a 5min call :)