Finding Influencers for Research Purposes?

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What strategy or product have you used to find influencers on various social platforms?


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Great Q! I did ask the same questions about a week ago. We at Gossip (short form async social audio) use our google and private communities (slack, telegram) - nothing outperforms it yet. We don't have a budget for an agency, also we don't believe they are a good fit for us at this time - we target passionate creators who genuinely love Gossip.
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If you don't know where to start or simply do not have the time, I'd always suggest looking into hiring an Influencer Marketing Agency. Let me know if you'd be interested in some free agency selection services.
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In my free time, I religiously use social media sites to find recent trends
@umama_ashraf any sites in particular?
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Hi, I am very glad to join this discussion. I am working as a professional blogger and content writer, I use an awesome plagiarism detector this to check my content quality before publishing my blog. Basically, I used some social platforms like Linkedin to find an influencer to grow my online business. Also, I know there are few amazing tools that help to find the most active influencers But I didn't try it yet.
@kristenbrown what was the experience like when looking for influencers?