Feedback Wanted: Create Audiences Through Curation

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Hi Creators, It's hard to get your Product noticed. Especially if you're a small team or solofounder. Many of us are looking for hacks to get the right eyeballs to notice our work. As creators our natural instict is to create "more": - MORE product - MORE blogs - MORE Quora posts - MORE Pinterest pins - MORE landing pages But here's the thing: Creating good stuff is tough! Especially if you're doing it WHILE building your product (haven't we all been there?). Often, curating content can be 10x faster while being more valuable for an audience - because it saves them time. Here are some examples: - Instead of writing a blog about finance: Curate a daily digest of the ten most imporant finance news and send it as a newsletter - Instead of writing articles about productivity, curate a list of the top productivity tools and let people know when new ones pop up You've probably guessed it: I'm currently working on making it really easy for creators to curate content and build autiences around curated content. I'd absolutly love to hear your feedback or get in touch with you (twitter: @FlorianMartens9).


Fabian Maume
Missinglettr V3 is offering some curated feeds, it could give you some inspiration.