Feedback on our landing page!

Luca Underwood
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Hello all, I hope all is well! I am the Founder, CEO and Software Developer at EndorseFlow - a creative collaboration tool to streamline digital content review. I have had our landing website up for a little while, but recently made some QOL adjustments and general redesigns. Please let me know what you like, and don't like. Your feedback is much appreciated. Link -


Rashmi Gupta
On page1 - Sign up is not coming on first page , you have to scroll a bit for that, I think it should be on the first page.To go to the second page, you have to cross a big white can thhink about that too, in later pages, pictures and the text are not following any pattern. Sorry about all negatives, it good website just want to help with my observations :)
Luca Underwood
@rashjbp No worries at all about the negatives, that's what I'm here to fix! Thank you for your review and comments, Rashmi! I will get working on these.
L Sutton
The messaging is very clear. Well done! But the first section above the fold is so busy with copy, banners, images, and graphics it took me a while to even get to reading the header! Can you make all the right-hand imagery and graphics (which also have a lot of cop) feel more cohesive with each other and separate from the copy on the left? The colourful little zigzag graphics seem random, busy, and fussy - you don't use this motif anywhere else on the page. I think this would really help draw people down the page to find out more.
Luca Underwood
@l_sutton Thank you for your detailed review and reply! I will take these into consideration. Much appreciated.