Feedback driven product positioning fine-tune

Shawn Cao
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Hi folks, I launched the Columns on PH a month ago (, not very successful. Based on some feedback, I think our landing page is too general, difficult for first-time visitors to grab the core values. So I thought about it and cut many things off, and renovate the landing page to be very specific on the core values, this is also a process of fine tuning the "product positioning". Now, as a modern BI platform that is powerful but easy to use, we want to focus on delivering "communication values" using data stories through seamless integration with communication platforms (slack, teams, browsers). Ref: NEW( vs OLD( Now, I surveyed a few people, and they told me that it's much better. I will keep learning and see what might be next on landing page design. Feedback is great, it drives us as builders to improve bit by bit. Really appreciate those who share their time and thoughts, I would love to test your product and give feedback too in return. If you love this topic, let's chat - book a meeting with me
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