Favourite tools for going paperless?

Christian C
10 replies
Any app, gadget, software, methodology or strategy that you and your team use to go from paper clutter to document management?


Carsten Pleiser
Uhm, Paperless.io 😊
Verticalls.ai --> synchronized to CRM + calendar, transcription of meeting, analyzing meeting for KPI and analyze team etc..
Barada Sahu
have u tried remarkable?
Christian C
@barada_sahu I haven't but looks great - what's your experience with that?
Barada Sahu
@chriscarex i love the ease of writing off paper. And being able to sync it into drive. Waiting to get the new remarkable2 which can hopefully also transcribe and sync with other apps
Max Velin
I wouldn't want to give up paper. Without it, it would be problematic to do almost anything. Ever since high school, I've been writing essays there that I couldn't stand, solving all kinds of math problems. And now I work on paper because I'm constantly filling out documents. By the way if it were not best paper writing services then I never achieved such results in school. These guys constantly helped me out.
Ivan Vorobyev
And I'd probably give up paper, since there are very few paper documents these days. More and more online, mail, electronic documentation. Even when you get a job, you fill out your resume electronically yourself or the sop writing service does it for you, but it's all done electronically anyway. It is convenient, environmentally friendly and very efficient.