Favorite tools for image optimization 🤔

Victoria Melnikova
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Hey Product Hunt, what are you favorite services for image optimization? Why?


Alina Ihnatiuk
JPEG Optimizer ImageRecycle PNGGauntlet
Squoosh app from Google (free online tool)
Oleksii Pikurov
TinyPNG for reducing image size while saving quality.
Vance AI (https://vanceai.com/), absolutely. I have worked on almost all the ranked tools in the past 2 years. But the desired images were optimized by Vance AI. Optimizing the Bulk of photos is facilitated in seconds here. As it's super easy, results are just a click away and free to use. I would highly recommend this tool for optimizing the images like a pro.
Igor Miracle
I didn't use to print the pictures either, but I realized that anything could happen if they are in the online format. They can be deleted or lost, or the device can be damaged. It is better to print the pictures to create memories that we will be able to show to our children. My family and I recently had a photoshoot together, and most of the pictures we printed or created canvas print on https://www.frameshop.com.au/can... to hang on the wall and always remember that we are a united family. But we also like to turn our digital pictures into instant-like printable photographs. So, we enjoyed this app!
Cassaundra Lincoln
For me, it must be VanceAI Image Denoiser. ( https://vanceai.com/denoise-ai/) I've always been loving with shooting photographs at night. However, night shooting may cause lots of noises in the images and that directly leading to low qulaity of image. AI-based denoiser really helps me out of that delimma.
Tracey Vinson
For me, it’s VanceAI definitely. Recently, it has launched a new feature——VanceAI Image Ehancer ( https://vanceai.com/image-enhancer/ ) which offers a one-click solution to enhance image quality online. This empowers users to intelligently enhance image quality, decrease noise, and automatically sharpen images. It’s pretty impressive, highly recommended!
The Mojo Apps
Image Tools (https://www.doozytools.com/image...) on DoozyTools which process images without uploading hence it is most safe to process (compress or convert ) personal images.