Facebook ads ROAs drastically falling?

Primož Erjavec
9 replies
Hey all, so lately (last 2 months) we have noticed quite a big impact on our Facebook ads, anyone else had this issue? Especially last 2 weeks we seem to be getting terrible results no matter the spend...


Jan Forsthuber
Yeah, it's much worse than expected :(
What's the probable reason for this?
Primož Erjavec
@gouthamj my guess would be the Apple privacy updates (since a lot of people use Apple products nowadays)
@primoz_erjavec That makes sense. But did you guys switch your marketing channel due to this issue?
Michael Bis
Yeah, I've heard others complain about it
Primož Erjavec
@bismich4 did they find any solutions to improving it? or did they just try other stuff like google ads, youtube etc.?
Kit Fach
Yeah, we shifted away from Facebook ads due to both the apple update, and a lot of stuff coming out with click fraud and Facebook admitting their auto-targeting is in their own words "crap." We still use retargeting which we find useful, but I think depending on your type of business content marketing is worth more of an investment. Using your ad budget to push views to your blog posts and youtube videos to me is a better investment than non-retargeting FB ads.
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