Exploring new stuffs

Farhan Kabir
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It's almost end of the year. What new skills you have gathered this year that you had loved learning? For me, I've always loved the UI/UX works though had 2 degrees on business. I've finally taken a step to finish 2 courses on this. Loved the journey!


Rosie Higgins
I feel like I've learned so much this year it's hard to know what to pick! But I think delving into web development and learning javascript and React has been an amazing experience and opened up so many possibilities for me
Anil Meena
I learned how to build apps without having to code using no-code tools like bubble, webflow, zapier, airtable etc. Currently learning digital marketing. Learned a lot about sales & content writing (still learning though) My next goal is to dive in either c# for game development or blockchain for web3.0 šŸ¤ž