Events for growing your product: yes or no?

Tetiana Bukhanova
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Hey makers! It's been a while that event marketing is on the stage and still one of the most powerful tools to grow your community. What do you think about it? Do you use events to grow a community around your products? If yes, what platforms did you choose for it?


Interesting. So do you look at events as a way of acquiring new members in the community or to ensure that the current members enjoy being in the community, Tetiana?
Tetiana Bukhanova
@gouthamj I would say both. First of all it's a great way to show what is your community about at the beginning via giving the valuable content and sharing thoughts and discussing it afterwards. Same comes for the current members. Events usually are one of the most efficient ways to engage community from my point of view. What are your thought @gouthamj
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! I haven't taken part in such events, but here are some interesting ideas that I think influence the growth of the product: Getting started with … or “how to” (Often, your customers will really like the idea of what you do, but aren’t really sure how to best use your products and services. So, simply taking them through that is a way to move them closer to buying) Open day (If you have a venue or business location, an open day is a fantastic way to let people see “behind the scenes.” They will feel like they know your business better, and be more interested in what you do) Networking evening (lunch, or breakfast) Taster event (If you sell anything you can break down into smaller bits, then you can run a taster event. This includes trial classes for training programmes, or wine tasting events where you sell cases of wine. This is a perfect way to try a product or service for a smaller cost, so they are taking less of a financial risk)
Tetiana Bukhanova
Great ideas @antonovna ! I personally like the "getting started" idea. Never thought of it before but it might definitely help the users to have a successful start. There were couple of newsletters I received after signing up for the products, but I tend to not read them. So in this case I would do it in the form of video or demo call (in case of a digital product). What do you think?
Well we're going to have a show for our product - which makes sense for us as we're going to be launching a Twitch Extension. So the show will showcase the product and provide the community with some useful guides/tips on streaming etc.
Tetiana Bukhanova
@maxwellcdavis oh, awesome! This is a great example @maxwellcdavis :) Is this what you are going to launch in January? :)