Era of anti social?

Maili Ziser
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Hey guys! Maili here, and I'm interested to know if anyone else feels the same way... Recently, I've experienced missing out on friends when they came in to town because we didn't know we were in the same city .. We stopped using Facebook to an extent of sharing statuses or posts, we stopped using Instagram so frequently to share where we are.. Is it an era of anti social? Do we want more privacy? But we still want the offline experiences? I made an app called Heer to try and create a solution for that... but i'd love to know what else is out there that supports this type of anti socialness - or if anyone has other thoughts ideas in this domain!


Jaskiran Kaur
I don't think this is an era of social media, it is just that people are using other platforms more than Facebook. Platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok,etc.
So many means of communication these days your comment surprises me. We do need private social interaction platforms, but we need people to promote them too. Most are too lazy to switch from Facebook to Diaspora or from WhatsApp to Signal, it does not matter how many times privacy concerns about them arise. We need something stronger than "I don't mind they track me" (the usual excuse).