Entrepreneurial journey

When do you think it's time to pack up in your entrepreneurial journey? Have you thought of exit plans? Do you wait till all the money runs out, when do you know that simply pushing features/marketing/ad-spends is not keeping the steam on MRR? So when do you call it quits? How do you that the coveted "product-market-fit" is not happening?


Shekhar Chandra
If there is no traction (including free users) at all from the MVP and few pivots then exit right away. If there is enough traction but free/trial to paid conversion is not happening then maybe stick to it and try a few iterations either from dev side or marketing side. In the end cash flow matters a lot, you can’t keep on running your operations on fumes. There is a personal tolerance for handling loss as well; some can keep at it longer than others. For me I have an amount in mind that I must have as a safety net. If I see it getting burned as part of keeping the venture alive then it must be time to quit. Products might exit or cease to exist but personal entrepreneurial journeys never end. IMO personal brand is something that you can keep on growing even when you quit working on your current venture. There will be more ventures to start in the future.