👎Emojis - Do they work? 👍💩

Solomon Bush
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I am almost finished rebuilding my landing page, and I decided to add emojis. But I am still on the fence about them... What do ya'll think? -- Should I use emojis?


Angi Bowman
We did some A/B testing in drip campaign subject lines, and emojis increased the open rate. However, we haven't tested them on landing pages nor will we. In our market, emojis on a landing page wouldn't work well at all.
Solomon Bush
@lucky__angi Thanks for the insight! That’s really interesting. Do you think it would work well with my target market - software engineers on small teams or startups?
Benoit Chambon
Actually, it's almost the same question I ask myself when I write an email: on one hand, not putting some emojis makes me feel like my message is cold and distant; on the other hand, emojis are more often used in messages with friends (or kind of), not in professional ones - depending the sector you work in or communicate with. Just stay yourself man :)
Solomon Bush
@benoit_chambon This is great advice I like what you said about being yourself. 👍! And I feel the same way, it's definitely hard to know that fine line between professionalism and adding flavor to emails or marketing materials.
Lior Galante Cohen (Vaza)
I love using emojis, but my answer would probably be - it depends. What are you trying to say with your landing page? Do you have a whimsical or a more professional look? You should also check whether these emojis look good on different devices.
Solomon Bush
@lior_galante_cohen This is great advice! I didn't even think about how it might show up different on different devices/browsers. But I think for my use case, I am trying to convey a radical new approach to log-aggregation systems. But I guess I'll just do some A/B testing to confirm where my audience is at.
I depend on the contexte / design of your page I think. Everybody know what emoji are, so maybe, people will feel more safe and secure watching something they know on your page.
Solomon Bush
@jacquelinclem Yeah that's what I was thinking too. I have heard that music studios add something call the "millennial-whoop" into songs. They said that market research shows that songs that have this sound send a subconscious signal to the millennial age group that this song is "for them." I was wondering if perhaps emojis acted the same way. Lol. idk, just an idea.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Emoticons don't work, but they add meaning. I always use them to express my emotions 1000%
Solomon Bush
@antonovna That makes sense. I see them a lot on startup launch pages and was wondering if they knew something I didn't