Early access to the Neeva search engine in exchange for early feedback :)

Edmund Loo
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Hey all, We haven't yet launched to the general public, but we're looking to collect feedback and comments from some communities on our product before launch. You can access the product with my employee referral here: https://neeva.com/p/signup?o=s&c=228cfa69-c7e2-11eb-a1e8-12ca2bc0dad6 We're looking forward to seeing what you all think. Feel free to leave feedback here for discussion or just use our in-product feedback prompt for one-off comments.


Hello Edmund, Am feyin an aspiring product manager I would like to work and assist in your product team I would like to work unpaid as I am looking to gain experience and exposure in my field I would be expecting your response Thanks
This is a very good product and has a very good future