Early access before or after a/b versions

Amara Fray
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Hey everyone, I'm new to product creation, so sorry if this sounds like a dumb question. But If i were to create a early access page to a product I created, should it be before I create a a/b version, or after the alpha testing has been completed?? I want to create the early access page to validate the idea before I pour hours of work into it. But Is it acceptable to make a early access page before I even make the product? Some people i spoke to even told, if it were going to be a paid app, I should add a paywall, for the early access version. Is this something that people do? Also, how would you go about validating a idea before u put hours of work into it?


Ruben Wolff
There's no dumb question ;) A/B testing normally comes first, because the early access is made to see if your page works well and to get some feedback for improvement. So if you have several versions of this page in mind and launch the early access before the A/B testing, you'll only be testing A. But if you only have one version of your page, there's no need to go through this phase. The early page will also get you to see if people are interested in your product, so yes you can totally launch it before the product is out. I don't really have a suggestion for you for the paywall, I only launched free stuff personally. About the idea validation, I wrote an article about B2B idea validation over there, if you want to check it out: https://www.indiehackers.com/pos... Hope this helps!