Drop an article/book that taught you something!

Louie Kangeter
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We love to learn. Toss a link to an interesting article, book, or paper that helped you understand a new topic. Bonus points for a consistently skilled author!


Louie Kangeter
I've got a ton to add here, but I think right off the bat my favorite has to be https://www.amazon.com/Principle...
Anil Meena
The best resources are definitely Paul Graham's essay. But his essay about "Things that don't scale" is just superb: http://www.paulgraham.com/ds.html
Nim Ron
Shoe Dog by Phil Knight!
48 Hour Startup - Taught me that businesses can be created faster than I thought ☺
Carsten Pleiser
Obviously Awesome by April Dunford. Finally, I learned how to do positioning rather than coming up with it based on gut feelings.
Kirman Smith
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Jalen Nikolas
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