Don't fear charging too much for your product! How increasing our prices led to more conversions.

Ahmed Saleh
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Hello, community 👋, For a long time, we were afraid to charge too much for our product. We ended up leaving a lot of money on the table. We also wanted to support people just getting started, but we also want to make enough money to sustain the business. To that end, we tried many pricing changes. When we finally found what worked. Only two plans: 1. Commission-based: pay 5% of what you make using our products. 2. Commission-free: zero commission, but pay the actual value of the product. To my surprise, this resulted in more usage, more adoption, and higher conversion rates 😮. I'll answer any questions about this, and will keep updating this thread. I wonder what are your thoughts about this pricing? (P.S. More on why we did this here )


Zifa Sadriyeva
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