Does your product have a newsletter?

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Hello, I want to start a service and I would like your feedback, does your product or page currently have a newsletter or blog? Would you like to have one where you can send usage information with infographics and good copy?


Max S. Yarchevsky
Hi! Yes, we have either a newsletter and a blog.
Anupama Panchal
@ymax : How does it help? Which metric of your product does it help with?
@ymax @anupamapanchal Newsletters create engaged audiences, if interesting and valuable content is provided for your specific customer, on average 22% of the public opens the email, much more than the interaction on social networks, and much more personal.
Sofia Polonska
Not yet. But i feel like it is perfect instrument to give valuable info to your audience.
@tasha_dziatkovskaya Thank you for your feedback, I will be reviewing products and helping all the creators of product hunt
mildered dorris
Don't have for now. But i will add it soon on my blog ( and will definitely share it here.
@mildered Great, my grandmother also likes sewing , if you would like help with your website let me know, I will help you for free: 3
Pallavi Jaisinghani
Not the product, but the company & this newsletter is for the employees. It's actually a happiness newsletter shared every alternate weekend with the team. It's kind of a motivation boost + info about what's trending in town + how to create your own happiness. P.S. I love writing them :D Hope you enjoy reading them :)