Does the perfect chatbot hasn't been created yet?

Yucel F. Sahan
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I think about chatbots a lot! It's become a hobby to me. I like to follow their latest features, and compare them with each other. And I say; - Why the hell there are too many chatbots-live chats out there? I think about it and later I come up with - The perfect chatbot hasn't been created yet! (if your are on a budget) What do you think about it?


Bots are like Google keywords. It has its own for each keyword.
Ahmet Akdel
we have a lot of alternatives.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Which chat bot is ideal for you? I use several in the telegram channel and am happy with their work :)
Hamed Baatour
honestly, chatbots have built a bad reputation in general and customers no longer trust them. chatbots generally reply with generic answers that increase even more customer frustration instead of helping them. chatbots can be easily replaced with a better UI/UX experience. (better forms, search functionality...) the core issues with chatbots are uncertainty. why take the time and exert an effort to type a question/request and know that there is a high chance the bot doesn't understand it. if something loses trust it is very hard to recover. I'm betting on better low code UI builders as opposed to chatbots and this is why I'm building a product around that.
Yael Yaari
Plugging my own product:) check out ! You can create interactive video chatbots for your site or platform. Would really love to know your feedback!
Check out Whatsresponse A rules based autoresponding app for whatsapp which can also double up as a social CRM. It has a conversation builder, to develop engaging conversations for specific purposes.