Does the Linux community need a new blog or publication?

Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar
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Greetings, I wonder we have an abundance of Linux-related blogs. Who do really read them at all? There comments sections are blank all the times. They post daily, and they post more than one times a day. Yet, there are no comments, questions, or feedback on the pages. They have been running for years. Most of the blogs or publications are crowded with advertisements. They make good money out of them. However, I am not sure if they do contribute to community, or they are in hunt for a greater readership? Many of them have a buy coffee button as well. This boggles me down that if Linux or open source community needs any new blog or publication? What would you expect as a reader from such a community publication? How would you support the authors? Would you subscribe them for free, pay for their coffee, or buy them a lunch once a month? Your feedback is highly appreciated here today. ~ thanks


Maybe what they call "a curation blog" would be useful. I mean, instead of saying the same everybody else does, review other bloggers articles, confirm they do not have mistakes, and publish articles with verified information on your site. As for money, I will leave that part of the answer to someone else.
Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar
@simplytedel thanks for the honest opinion. This is something these days everybody needs. In the hunt for high-paying advertisers, many bloggers have lost the way to publish quality articles.
Abdul-Jabbar Bozdar
I am looking forward to reading community feedback.