Does paying for listing your start-up on software listing websites like Capterra worth the money?

Bertha Kgokong
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Hi guys, we are considering all options in promoting our upcoming product, which is a Business Productivity and Business Management Software. Our upcoming page can be found here: The competition in this field is fierce, with big companies who can outbid us on any ad bidding platform like Google Ads or Capterra. My question is, is it worth it to list and try bidding for clicks on these websites, has anyone tried it before? has it worked for you>


Fabian Maume
It depends. Capterra is good if you have a big competitor, against which you have a good value proposition. Capterra will not give you any traffic if nobody is looking for alternative to your competitor (check google trend for "alternative to + your competitor name"). Traffic from Capterra will not convert if your value proposition is weak in comparison to your competitor. If you have those 2 points, I would strongly recommend you to test out capterra ads. Also, try to harvest reviews theirs, in order to have organic traffic in the long run.
Harpreet Chhabra
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