Does blogging help in improving SEO?

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Anupama Panchal
Following this @roy_outgrow . I have a similar question as to which kind of blogs actually help in improving SEO and generating leads?
@anupamapanchal I believe that it depends on the Keyword we are targeting..and whether we are able to rank for that KW...If we rank for a KW that has good volumes, we will get traffic and that helps in SEO..However there's more to it than just ranking for KWs..
Renzo Brus 💻⚡
Of sure it helps! Write articles on your blog based on the keywords you want to be indicizated! It will be very helpful in terms of SEO🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Blogging helps to improve your domain authority in various ways: targeted keywords, internal links, backlinks, guest posting, you name it! 😉
Julia Doronina
It will help if you have the most appropriate key words
Misha Krunic
Sure it does! It's much easier to rank good for a keyword with a blog post, than with a random page from your website. It also brings traffic which is a good signal to Google as well. Another plus is that if the blog post is well-written, people may link to it from their websites, which would bring you new, quality backlinks - which are pure gold in terms of SEO.
Sooraj Divakaran
I'm not going to repeat the answer because most folks have already addressed it, but here is my perspective on how you should approach blogging. 1) Blogging / Content Marketing needs a 6-9 month runway to show results (most folks give up in the first few months). If your management is looking for results from day one, then you are in the wrong workplace. 2) Keyword research is more important than you think; I've learned this the hard way. If you don't target the right set of keywords, then the whole process will take you longer. 3) When you get the content right, you need an effective strategy to build links (because the initial backlinks you are looking for won't come quickly) 4) Finally, you need a team of writers, link builders, and content marketers to get this done. It gets lonely in the initial days when it feels like everything is headed for a black whole.