Do you work with Jira? What integration do you really miss?

Gorka Puente
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We've been working several months in an app to create dashboards in Jira. It all started because we were heavy users of Jira and missed a simple app to display data from the rest of our products (Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket mostly at that time). There was nothing simple and/or with the integrations we needed, so we implemented it. Now we have many feature requests to integrate a myriad of different products, each customer wants a different want 😂. For now, we've had requests to integrate GitHub, CircleCI, GitLab, ServiceNow, Jenkins, Freshdesk, Zendesk, Templo, Projectrak... the list is very long, but we cannot implement all the integrations, since we are a small team. What integrations do you think would be key to create your ideal dashboard? We currently integrate with Jira (Software, Work Management and Service Management), Confluence, Bitbucket, Insight, Opsgenie, Statuspage and the Atlassian Marketplace, and next candidates are GitHub, ServiceNow and Tempo. All feedback is more than welcome, here or in our product page here in Product Hunt Cheers, Gorka
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