Do you use Composer to manage your WordPress Projects?

Atanas Baychev
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Hello everyone! I am wondering how many of you are using Composer to manage WordPress projects? If you do, please just comment I DO and if you can/want please explain how does it benefit you the most. I will make a wild guess and I will assume that if you are working with a lot of plugins or you have a couple of clients then you most probably are using Composer. For everyone else who doesn't know what Composer is simply said Composer is PHP's most commonly used dependency manager. It's analogous to npm in Node, pip for Python, or NuGet for .NET If you are aware of the power of Composer but you are not using it, then may I ask why? Thank you very much for your time guys, I appreciate it!


Amit yadav
No I don't use composer, only managing 3 WordPress site, so I don't feel any issue here. Most of the user are using managed WordPress hosting, or scripts like cPanel to manage server. So they don't have option to use composer On the other hand, some people prefer simple setup and setup they can understand. So for them using composer is an additional step.