Do you use any Slack groups to increase your network?

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Alice Rodgers
Unfortunately I don't, but should to)
@cn__katie you definitely should Katie.. just need to find the right ones.. twitter is a good start to find people to connect with who run slack channels
Mike Karas
I've tried, with mixed success. I've found that a more local-based one has been more beneficial. Some of the large ones are just places where people spam their content and services, and nothing meaningful happens there (cough Product Coalition cough)
Riley Bradford
I started trying to do this but found a lot of Slack groups were too old/not in use anymore.
Gleb Braverman
I do, a lot of them. Slack groups are very powerful tools to increase networks. Some of them: Lenny's Slack Launch Slack by Jason Calacanis Acquired Slack
Natalie Karakina
I prefer Telegram groups :)
@nataliekarakina could you recommend me some?
Veronika Nesheva
@nataliekarakina, same questions as @vinikloppel . Would love to hear what groups you would recommend.
Veronika Nesheva
Thanks @nataliekarakina!! Will check out both of them :)
@sarahthemarketer amazing! Could you recommend me some?
Sarah Mooney
@vinikloppel RevGenius, DCtech, DemandCurve, MindTheProduct
Yes, I find the smaller groups are the best. the bigger groups from my experience have been created by marketing/sales agencies and the engagement can be a little inauthentic :(