Do you use a financial advisor or wealth planning service?

Chris Messina
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Trying to get a sense for what human services or tech products people use for managing their financial health... Of course there's Quicken and Mint in one end of the spectrum, and then there's the hands-on human advisor or planner on the other end. Which do you use and why? What has your experience been like and what would you recommend to someone who wants to take control of their financial present & future? Note: I tried adding survey questions, but Product Hunt wouldn't let me post it, so I've added some choices below!


Chris Messina
Option: I use an app
Hunter Owens
@chrismessina I've passively used both Titan and Wealthfront for about 4 years. I've been happy with the returns, which is probably what matters most in this realm, and recommended them both to multiple friends over the years. I appreciate that Titan puts a lot of effort into literature to explain why they're investing you in a certain company. Wealthfront has some added functionality and also feels even safer since your funds are more widely diversified.
Chris Messina
Option: I use a human advisor planner
Chris Messina
Option: I do it myself (plain ol' spreadsheets!)
Chris Messina
Option: I don't use anything
Emily Harris
A financial advisor is worth the money if you are uncertain about how to manage your money, invest for your future, and take care of your family. Expert financial advice may be needed at various turning points in your life: when you have a child, get a promotion, or come into an inheritance.
Julie Campbell
@emily_harris You are right! Using financial planning tools is important for everyone. These tools can help with financial planning across the board, including money management, accumulating wealth, and many other issues. In order to choose the best tools, just find some on the internet and check reviews here https://floatme.pissedconsumer.c.... Consumer reviews and complaints are the best and most reliable sources when you buy something online. Visit pissedconsumer website and read information about services/tools/sites.
Amanda Trincher
I often used a personal financial planner that helped me achieve my financial goals and build a clear financial plan. Many people have a bad idea of how it works or what it takes to achieve certain goals.
Hannah Madna
An example of multi-generational wealth planning and how that dynamic plays out could be a mother and father who have worked over the course of their lives and their careers to build a successful family business and have arrived at a stage where they are ready to move on to different things and enjoy retirement. As they are in the process of discerning how to transition their business, as well as the legacy and wealth that goes with that, to their descendants, multi-generational wealth planning would make the process intentional and successful. It is critical that everybody comes to the table, including the other trusted advisers of the clients — such as their attorneys, accountants, business partners and charitable organizations that they work with — so everyone is working together collaboratively and is on the same page. All of this will benefit the client with a clear, efficient and working process that will allow them to reach their goals and objectives.