Do you track your time/productivity every day? What app do you use?

Dominic Bouchard
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Hi everyone, I'm a big believer in tracking app - either for a fitness goal or coding challenge etc. I read the book Atomic Habit recently (very good) and started tracking my productivity each day (when I do work). I toyed around with a few apps and was wondering which one you guys use. Obviously, there is a lot out there. Cheers!


Ankit Mhatre
I use notion and do a table data. It won't give me statistical analysis, but I am more committed towards putting my screen usage, mobile usage, daily habit tracking, daily task complete ratio. It does give me a feeling of discipline.
Dominic Bouchard
Make sense! I used Airtable to keep track of products sprints/specs. Do you use an app for your screen usage? Like IOS apple screen time?
David Tran
I think tracking is important too, even when you are using it just for yourself. You can try toggl. It is free for team < 5 users.
Omid Banyasad
I developed the habit of tracking all my spent time on various technical projects in an excel like file by the intervals of 30 minutes when I started my first startup over 10 years ago. Now I use time reporting system that we added to our platform for all our users for that very reason. You can fetch your report consuming an API or download csv files. Works for teams and individuals. And it is free.
Dominic Bouchard
@banyasad Cool! Your team like it? Do you collectively crunch the report for a specific purpose?
Omid Banyasad
@dbouchard2 Yes, we do. We can add custom tags to all our time entries and also associate the entries with assignments we are working on and their combinations. So at each time, we can track how much time individually and as a team we have spent on a specific assignment and on a specific feature. For example, UI/UX vs. backend design or bug fixing for a specific project. One major motivation for designing this time reporting system came from when I was working as a consultant for a company and had to report my time in four different systems because none of them had a simple way of fetching data from the other. We have added API access to our reporting system so that your team and your clients can all access the same set of data. I invite you to try it out. Our platform never sends unsolicited emails and although we have an invite feature, we discourage our members from sending invites to those who are not likely to enjoy receiving it. So feel free to signup.
Dominic Bouchard
@banyasad Ah looks neat. And thanks for the invite. Although I mainly use a time tracker for myself - not a team. Something light weight with only the feature I need is more appropriate. Im trying Session at the moment (fellow product hunt maker). Are you considering making it a product on its own? It looks like xeaba is a whole suite of product.
Omid Banyasad
@dbouchard2 We don't intend to release separate products in near future. Our plan is to build and integrate essential and easy to use tools that small teams need for their day to day work without having to rely on multiple bloated products with tons of features that most developers don't use. Keep it simple, and in one place.
I used time tracking for invoicing clients (paymo). I also use Rescue Time, but don't always check the dashboard to see how I spent my time. Knowing that I have it and time is tracked automatically is helpful and if I feel like I'm too often distracted or not doing enough progress I check back to see where the problem is (normally a combination of boring work and social media)
Dominic Bouchard
@katerinabohlec haha. social media is def a problem for me too rn - clubhouse. I used Rescue time too before, for some reasons I didn't stick to it. But reviewing where I can improve (productivity wise) is something I do often!
Richard Shepherd
@radiumLaw Hey Dominic, this post intrigued me because I wanted to ask you about focus. What do you consider to be producitive time? Do you measure or track true deep work like uninterruptable, sacrid focus time at all?
Dominic Bouchard
Hey @richardesigns. Yes, I do. If I can work for around 50 min without interruption, I take a 10min break. (my version of Pomodoro timer). I reflect at the end of each day/week on my performance and try to adjust where I went astray.
Richard Fang
I like Forest (! It makes you feel like you're actually accomplishing something that doesn't just impact yourself. They have a system where they actually plant trees in real life if you managed to stay focused for longer.
Benoit Chambon
It's not about time spending, it's all about achievement feeling
Dominic Bouchard
@benoit_chambon Interesting. How do you personally track that? For me I feel completing a few task creates a momentum in my day - and give me the achievement feeling. I try to optimize my day to get more of those moment.
Benoit Chambon
@dbouchard2 I do not track that, actually. Usually, I check my to-do, estimate the number of tasks I can do during the day (assuming emergencies and unforeseen events), and if I executed them all, I feel complete ;-)
Julia Ching
salonist I used this app to manage my salon business activities and save my time.
Anne Phillips
RescueTime is a time-tracking app that records how and where you spend your time online. The productivity app analyzes everything you do in a day—from which other apps you use to how much time you spend on your favourite websites. nox
Christian Schmitz
I need time-tracking mostly to invoice my clients correctly, so for me works best. I hate administration, and this tool seems to generate the most accurate time-sheets with the least amount of work. (I guess you can also just use it to analyze your productivity)
Tayyab Akram
We are using HubStaff application to track our time and Productivity everyday in our company WPBrigade (
Fred Wilson
I use @ntaskmanager ( tracking time for tasks, projects and bug reporting. It have an awesome timesheet feature that can be used for free.
Dominic Bouchard
Nice! Always amazes me how many different product there are for teams.
Jess Arcenas
Maybe you'd be interested in this? Hypernotes is part of the Zenkit Suite. It's made by our team, aiming to improve the way we manage our knowledge. It therefore enhances the productivity (personal & collaborative). Have a look!
Tommy Wilkins
I love TMetric for time tracking. It's free, simple, provides you with lots of integrations and doesn't require any special skills to customize the tool. I strongly recommend you to try it: