Do you track your churn rate?

Nick Sheriff
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Dave Bain
You absolutely have to. I find this an incredibly important metric as you work towards product fit and understanding your customers, not something to be afraid of. Balance this with engagement rate.
Gabriele Sangrigoli
Not yet, but thanks for the reminder
Paul Mit
churn rate tracks me
Debajit Sarkar
Yes! The vast majority of the marketing budget is devoted to attracting new customers. Reducing the number of customers who abandon our product or service is far more important to our profitability and long-term success than optimizing conversion rates.
Chongkal Seng
Churn is super important to track. Especially if you are freemium model. It costs nothing for a person to get into product, but whether she stays will show success of a company in the long term.
Pantelis Vratsalis
No, but I should. It hurts LTV significantly and sometimes it's easy to address the concerns of customers that churn.
Florian Buguet
We are a B2B SaaS company. We track churn in a specific stage of our CRM. More importantly than the rate, we track the reason for churn with the whole team (Sales - Product - Customer Success) to ensure we analyze the reasons behind the churn and make all the improvements to keep it as low as possible.
Dmitry Chourpo
Oh yeah, as long as it's below 5% I can sleep well. Also important to engage with churned customers and find out what didn't work and how can we make it better. Usually about 30% of churned clients are coming back.
Julia Doronina
No, but we should, I think!
Peter Ernst Herbst
Most definitely. Tracking churn rate and adjusting to compensate and reduce this level are super important.