Do you think you need a website for your business?

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IMO every business should own their website for sure. Once they own it then they will definitely find a way to use it.
Absolutely. It is after all serves as Face of your offering. Builds Trust in buyers. Especially in a world where things are moving fast online, website is the least a business can have
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yes and why not?
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Yes, but it doesn't have to be like every website out there - For we only show what matters: 1 Title + subtitle with the high-level idea 3 lines of text for the product description An interactive prototype to actually show the product 1 Call to Action (Join Beta) and, for the observant, the website background itself which is a gif of the product in action. Only exception would be if your business has zero online presence or lead generation (if you run the local grocery store).
Yes - becasue it shows that you are legit and the domain name is then used for email vs. a Gmail or other free email account. I truly think less is more and we will start to see more basic websites but with very targeted content and copy similar to a landing page but used for the actual site. Not sure what the stat is but most of the content on websites never gets looked at.
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Excepting the fact that website is a necessary tool for the company's branding, I assume website isn't always necessary to consume the product of the company. In our case, is mainly a way for us to create a community of crypto retail users, even though it is not our core business target. The consumption of our product is based on API connection and specific professional interface, not the homepage of our website :)
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It depends on the business I think But for most, a well-made website adds a lot of credibility for a company, at least from my point of view
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to ask another way. as a business what's wrong w/ not having a website? don't think there's anything wrong. i don't think i ever check the website of the coffee shop on the corner but i go there regularly. i think that's absolutely fine. but i don't think i could really get to know a SaaS company on the corner of the street or banner on the highway. so in that case there's a pretty good case for a SaaS company to have a website.
it depends, but you can run a business of your own without having website.
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This is always very important as it helps: - attracting and increasing the flow of customers, - improvement and convenience of their service, - communication channel for information exchange - popularize the company's brand - formation of a positive business reputation By using a builder site or an importer site like you can launch such a site very quickly
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The cost of maintaining the site is much lower than renting space in a business center. The Internet expands and globalizes all branches of the market