Do you think workdays should be shorter?

Daniel Po
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In most of the western world, work is considered to be between 8-9 daily hours. How long do you think a work day should be? (I personally believe it should be about 4.5-5 hours long - that is how and when I am most productive)


Or work 4 days a week....
Daniel Po
@maxwellcdavis IMO 4 days for fewer hours a day is ideal. We neve log off work these days with being reachable via unlimited apps and platforms, so even if it would theoretically be 4 days and 5 hours pr day, we would probably still be doing some extra work outside of those limits.
We have some companies in Korea now practicing 4-day work weeks as a different take on this. But here's the catch - @daniel_pt would you expect to be paid equally for the work you do in those 5hrs as you get paid for a full office day now at 8~9 hrs, for instance? What would the pay structure look like?
Daniel Po
@mynameisana I think pay should remain the same, both as incentive and as fairness. Just as much work (or even more) could be done in less time. The current model is unrealistic and inefficient.
Bastien Cochet
6 hours of work/day is a productive.
Iris Park
Actually when I just think of productivity, I think working hours can differ daily. Sometimes I can work really efficiently and end work is a few hours, but there are times when I have too much on me and it just takes hours.
Daniel Po
@iris_park I can totally relate to that. On the other hand, in most cases when I do have a lot to accomplish and little time, I would take extra worktime to complete it - but instead of working 11-12 hours in one day, it would be along the lines of 8 hours. Maybe this also means workload expectations should be different? you bring up a very valid point! :-)
Valeria Migova
I think 6 hours of work is enough to stay productive throughout the week
Mahak from Outgrow
Max 6 hrs is sufficient. Obviously working from home for 6 hrs is sufficient as it can have the same efficiency as equal to 8-9 hours from home.
Daniel Po
@mahak do you mean 6 hs from home = 8-9 hs from the office? or that there's no difference between 6 to 8 hs from home?
Mahak from Outgrow
@daniel_pt I think 6 hrs from = 8-9 hrs from office. I feel this since working from home increase our efficiency than office+ travelling+lunch+any activity. There is no extra time wastage in working from home. So, work hours should be reduced.