Do you think there should be a mid-week off on Wednesday?

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Vio Vanica
Interesting approach, I've tried it for a month and to be honest it came with more good than bad. The best part of it is that you get to have like a rethinking day in the middle of the week. If you choose to go somewhere, let's say a hike, you probably won't meet so many people as you will do on the weekends. But putting that aside, it helped me rethink my first half of the week and plan better the second half. I probably should get back to this practice!
Johannes Grenzemann
As an employee: yes; as an entrepreneur: no; as myself: rather no. I like working on my projects and startups and loosing a full day of work would have an huge impact on my productivity... And refering to @viorica_vanica I would say: you also can take a little bit of time every day to rethink your day - and plan your next day.
Karl Rinderknecht
Interesting question. For me taking of Wednesday would probably have a negative effect on my work, because most of the things that I need to do realistically can't get accomplished in 1 day and being able to focus over a few days is very useful. For other people/jobs, I think it could be great for the reasons Viorica mentions.
Julia Doronina
Maybe not a whole day but only for instance the morning time to sleep more, relax and spend this time for yourself
Titus Gaelic
Congratulations! This is amazing!
Michael Gere
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