Do you think there should be a mid-week leave i.e. Wednesday off?

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Farabe Ahamed
A mid-week leave, sure, that would be really great
Cory Arens
Yess. Go to work on Mon-Tue rest Wednesday and work Thur-Fri. Rest for the weekend. I hear productivity.
Jason Cavness
This can't go for all jobs. But it would be best if people could choose when and where to work. As long as they produced, what it is they have to produce for the company.
no i like the cicle of full workweek. And if you need a pause / break just take it.
Veranika Vinichenka
hmm, sounds good, but I agree with @robinkunz, if you feel that you need a rest, just take day off
I'd rather prefer a 4 day work week.. I get in and out of the zone completely so to get out and in just for 2 days is a lot of work.. My ideal week will look like this **2 high productivity days - 1 learning/low productivity day - 2 high productivity days** then zone out for 2 days.
Raghav Goyal
Interesting take. Between Wednesdays and Fridays, I'm 50-50. A longer weekend gives more time to unwind. A Wednesday break breaks the monotony of the week.
Claire Glisson
yes, this is such an amazing way to encourage R&R and spur productivity in the process. It 100% fends off the end of the week lag. Well rested people are more productive. Now that I freelance FT, I always make Wednesday a half day - I enjoy the sun, have a long lunch, and rest so I can get back into it for the rest of the week. I tend to be way more productive on Thursdays and Fridays when I recharge on Wednesdays.
Arko Ganguli
This sounds a wonderful plan in theory, but businesses across the world cannot go offline midweek while their customers/channel partners are active and working.
It'd be awesome having Wednesday off!
Emma Halaburka
My preferred schedule is being off Saturdays and Wednesdays. Only working a few days in a row, able to do weekend and business hour activities and I generally take better advantage of the time.
Isabel Nyo
I’m in favor of either Monday or Friday off to make it 4 days work and 3 days non-work days. Day off in the middle of the week makes the week goes slower IMO.