Do you think the real-time collab editing feature is useless in creative software?

Chris Sarca
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I noticed that most of the new and upcoming design/creative apps come with real-time collab editing as a key feature, and they even base their promo and monetization around such a feature. Most of them don't benefit from having real-time collab editing, and I'm starting to wonder if they lack vision. ✅ What works: Modular collab, John creates the background while Jane creates the characters. ❌ What doesn't work: John and Jane work on the background and then on the characters at the same time. The "I will draw the eyes, you will draw the ears, and Joe will rotate, shade, or do whatever" just doesn't work. In my opinion, some creative processes must be individual.


Paul VanZandt
I think you're right and it's more important to collaborative iterate than actually edit at the same time. For professional use, I think real-time collaboration is vital, but it's important that there is some space between users for the creative process.
Ezzat Suhaime
Yeah, I agree. It’s definitely hard for me to see creative work that is done concurrently on the same canvas, easel, page etc. (although I’m sure it happens).
Luka Vasic
I agree. It can be fun or maybe for the creative side to collabodate in generatin new ideas, but thats it. It can work in an office but online currently not so much.
Quincy Lun
Real-time Collaboration is just a collateral feature of Multiplayer (user permission, versioning). In plain words, "how to avoid overlapping when multiple users are editing the same document" - which is essential for both live and asynchronous multiplayer mode. Is it easy to understand for most users? No. That's why "Real-time Collaboration" was being used as the tagline.
Qudsia Ali
I believe real time collab editing feature is great when done right, but it still comes with its share of frustration. Team members can't always be trusted to follow the rules—they can remove the incorrect layers or post comments that don't help. Collaborative editing, on the other hand, does not have to be a complete disaster. This technology may help expedite your workflow and make it simpler to engage with customers if you have the correct team members and rules in place. It depends entirely on how you want to use it!
I completely agree that "some creative processes have to be individual.". But at the same time, real-time collaborative editing can improve projects by relying on a kind of collective intelligence. in short, you have to achieve a fair balance between the two practices
Cherie Yang
Love the concept of 'modular collab'
Sarah Ladonna
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