Do you think that websites that do not have a white background are visually bad?

Ani Buendía
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I am not an expert in web design or UX but in my project we use background colors for the portfolio pages, (you can see the example and and I was wondering if it is not the most appropriate visually. On the other hand where is the limit of what is visually acceptable and be different on the internet not using white backgrounds, what is your opinion? Thank you very much, it will help me to improve knowing different opinions.


Ruben Wolff
I'm no expert in UI and UX either, but I would say it depends on the website. For a site sharing important global news or my bank data, I would expect the background to be as neutral as possible, even if it looks plain. On lots of new sites and apps, a dark-ish blue has started to replace the white, which still makes it neutral but a bit more fun. But I would say for an app promoting creativity or where you might want to look different, like on, I don't think colors are a bad idea. Then it depends on the image you want to give I guess
Daniel Hernández
That's an interesting point
Gleb Braverman
Really depends, also plain white background is usually very hard on the eyes when its night time - I would go with greyish (check the background of PH -it's not white!)
Johnwook Choi
No, but it's very rare to find the color of background is good when it's not white. I guess that's why white is preferred.
Ani Buendía
@johnwook If it is the most used is for a reason, it will be the most neutral and with what best contrasts the typography, on the other hand, when looking for the difference pastel colors I think they can work.
Victor G. Björklund
I think the colors are good but perhaps making max-width a bit less? its very wide and all the elements are very big.
Yamparala Rahul
no, it kind of going clean, most of the time.. it depends on the user you are targeting. like if your product is towards coders or tech geek, is going with a dark theme. otherwise light theme is most preferred.
Joel Rabinovich
I used to believe that a white background was the only way to go for any serious website, until I discovered Dark Mode. Ever since I first started using this feature on many of my apps, I've really come to appreciate just how useful it is. Besides giving it a more aesthetic feel to the webpage (better contrast with everything in my opinion) it also helps a lot with eye strain.. Case and point, dark is the new white