Do you think that vpn firefox can be trusted and which vpn do you usually use?

Douglas Jimenez
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On their website they say that the product provides complete anonymity and adjusts all the settings to your device. Does your download speed drop when you use a VPN and is it illegal?


Dimitris Karavias
I use NordVPN, not very happy with it. Sometimes VPNs might affect your speed, especially free ones. If you care about anonymity I would recommend researching a bit and buying one that doesn't save any logs. Anything else and you're not really protected. They are only illegal in some countries:
Douglas Jimenez
Thank you for advice, i will try to use Nord
Willy Bolly
Hmm, I don't know anything about the VPN built into Firefox. Is he really good? I have some doubts about this. Personally, I use special applications that suit me a great connection, even connecting a VPN, But there are also problems. For example, reducing the connection speed. That's exactly what's bothering me. Besides, after disabling the VPN, for some reason, I can't clear the browser history. It's good that I found out why this is happening. You can find out more about it using a special website.
Nick Bess
I've never tried VPN from Firefox, maybe because I trust paid services more. Currently, I'm testing PIA I should say, I'm pleased with its features. First of all, PIA VPN has three billing options, it is very convenient. Also, you can connect to the service with ten different devices with just one subscription plan. And the most important thing is that PIA offers maximum security and anonymity when browsing.
Amelia Smith
I am using NordVPN. And it is a popular VPN service provider. It has desktop applications for Windows, Linux, macOS. It also has mobile applications for Android and iOS and an application for Android TV. You can manually set up wireless routers, NAS devices, and other program.
I am for VPn. It is always a great idea about how to mask your IP. That is why read this post if you want to know where to download movies, how to do it fast and what VPN is the best. I actually suggest such a wonderful and effective solution to all who wants security.
Emily Harris
I prefer using proxies over VPNs for my browsing needs.