Do you think that vpn firefox can be trusted and which vpn do you usually use?

Douglas Jimenez
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On their website they say that the product provides complete anonymity and adjusts all the settings to your device. Does your download speed drop when you use a VPN and is it illegal?


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I use NordVPN, not very happy with it. Sometimes VPNs might affect your speed, especially free ones. If you care about anonymity I would recommend researching a bit and buying one that doesn't save any logs. Anything else and you're not really protected. They are only illegal in some countries:
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Thank you for advice, i will try to use Nord
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@raulljimenez I would recommend trying some others too, it's not always stable for me
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Hmm, I don't know anything about the VPN built into Firefox. Is he really good? I have some doubts about this. Personally, I use special applications that suit me a great connection, even connecting a VPN, But there are also problems. For example, reducing the connection speed. That's exactly what's bothering me. Besides, after disabling the VPN, for some reason, I can't clear the browser history. It's good that I found out why this is happening. You can find out more about it using a special website.