Do you think that interactive content is the future of content marketing?

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Static content is slowly loosing its charm. No matter how attractive you make it, the engagement factor is sliding down. Interactive content on the other hand is emerging as a highly attractive and engaging option for marketers to hook their audience. What's you r take on this?


Cica-Laure Mbappé
I totally agree with you. Interactive content is key to a good relationship between your product and your clients. People love to be given a voice and to communicate with their favorite brands. For our previous launch, we created an interactive product tour (with different scenarios and all) and people really enjoyed it! All nonstatic content (videos, gif, polls...) should be more created.
Sarah Jordi
Such an interesting question... At Angle Audio we basically make podcasts interactive through live audio conversations. Have you listened to the a16z podcast episode 603 "The Present Future of Audio: Talk, Music, Video, Interactivity"? They also address this in there. This said, yes I do believe interactive content is the future of content marketing. But only if users aren't forced to interact and can still passively consume it, if they want.
@ronsheridan great to hear that! Can you give us more insights on why you think so?
Mona Erb
I also believe that interaction is key for the future. I believe that interactive discussions will even become more important in the near future as we have seen enough pictures and stories that are fake. We want to have a REAL conversation about things and bring back the social in social media. Hence interactive content will shape the future of marketing in my opinion.