Do you think it's important to never show children's faces even if they are your children?

Pablo Cianes
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My wife has a very special nursery, and she is dedicated to taking care of children and spreading a message of how to do it based on respectful parenting values. It turns out that she is one of the few people who shares on Instagram the activities and learnings that she does with them but always protecting their identity. Encouraged by my wife, which needed a tool like this, I decided to come up with a solution. I have created an application that I think is for something important, but I am not sure if people value this in regards to childhood. I think that children's faces should never be shown publicly even if they are your own children, and this should be protected by law.


Junior Owolabi
so did you create tool to auto blur out childrens' faces? I feel the desire to hide a childs face may be cultural. Do you have a target customer (Customer Profile, Buyer persona in mind)
Pablo Cianes
@rilwan_owolabi1 Yes, I presented it last week here in PH. It is for people who want to share activities or day-to-day with children on social networks but in a way that respects their privacy. whether they are parents or professionals like my wife. In any case, I suppose that the tool as such may have other target audiences outside of what is mentioned here about children